Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Get out and Vote

AsI begin to watch the Democrat National Convention, I really felt the need to express how important it is to Vote.  I am a very proud American. I am also a Registered Republican. If you are a Republican, Independent, or Democrat, I urge you to register to vote and go vote. Later on I will try and persuade you all to vote for Bush but you don't have to read that portion if you do not want to. I finally got my wife to vote, even though she has registered as an Independent, I am still proud that she will be voting this time. There is not much time left to register, you must be registered 31 days prior to the election. So do not wait, go out and register. Even if you do not agree with Bush and/or Kerry, I urge you to find the one who you believe share the majority of your views. Research where each one stands on those issues important to you and vote for that person
Now for my Pro Bush rant...

    Not sure were to start, so here it goes

1) Some Democrats want Kofi Anon and the UN to monitor our elections. First of all the UN has no place in our government or how we decide to elect our leaders. Secondly, I do not want some corrupt, money hungry political body with their hands in our election. The UN was skimming money off of the Iraqi people with the oil for food program and that is why they did not want Saddam removed from power. The UN did not want to take action because many high ups in the UN would lose millions.  We are a sovereign nation, lets keep it that way. To those Dems who say Bush stole the election in 2000, I say GET OVER IT. In almost every independent recount held in Florida Bush won, including the way Gore wanted the Votes counted. In fact the way Gore wanted the Votes counted Bush would have won by the biggest margin.

2) Media outlets such as TV and Newspapers are politically driven. In my opinion they are slanted to the Democrats. If you have the opportunity to watch Fox News Channel I encourage you all to watch it. Granted Fox News does slant to the Republican side of things but I feel that by watching you may learn a few things. Also if you have the opportunity to listen to talk radio, I recommend you check out Sean Hanity. He will open your eyes.

3) The Bush Tax cuts. The Dems say the cuts were for the rich. I don't know about you but I do not consider myself rich. My wife and I make far less then 100 thousand a year but my family benefited from those tax cuts. I guess to the Dems if you make over 50 thousand a year you are rich. The Dems asked why did the poor get left out of the tax cuts. The only people left out of the tax cuts are those who do not make enough money to even have to pay federal income tax. If you don't pay taxes, you don't deserve a tax cut.

4) The Dems say Bush and his tax cuts have driven our nation into debt. One of the reasons we are in debt is because we had to rebuild our military that Clinton and his cronies destroyed. We need to have a strong and well equipped military to keep America safe. I don't like debt, personal or governmental, but I have no problem giving our military a pay raise and giving them the best equipment possible.

5) The Dems say Bush lied about Iraq. Hmm lets see, I bet you, if you researched many speeches given by Clinton, Gore, Kerry, Edwards, Daschle and many other Dems in the 1990's I guarantee you will hear them state that Saddam needed to go and that he indeed had WMDs. We all know Saddam had WMD's, he used them on his own people, the Kurds, and against Iran. Granted they are old, they are missing now, but he DID have them.

6) The Dems say our economy is in the dumps. For the record the recession started before Bush was in office. Our economy is growing. We have had record numbers of home ownership. Consumers are purchasing more and more, Car purchases are up. The current jobless rate is the same if not better then when Clinton was in office. Granted there are many who still are out of a job or have taken a job making less then they were. But it is turning around thanks to the tax cuts.

7) Kerry states that with in hours of becoming president, he will send a bill to the floor of the congress and senate for national health care. How do you think they are going to pay for it, Raise taxes. What good does health care do me if I can't afford the house to keep my out of the cold or the car to take me to the doctor?

8) Hey did you know that Iraq never had any terrorists until we went and removed the evil known as Saddam. The Dems want you to believe that Saddam had no ties to terrorists. But it is a fact known the world around that Saddam was paying the families of homicide bombers. He knew terrorists, supported terrorists, and was a terrorist.

9) Kerry states the he will bring jobs back to America. I want to know when Kerry and his wife are going to bring their ketchup factories back to the US. For someone who really wants to be the president, I think he should lead the way by bringing jobs back to America by opening ketchup factories here. But if he does that, his wife and him may not make as much money as they do now.

10) Kerry says he supports our military. I challenge any Kerry supporter to look at his voting record while he has been a senator. I think you will discover he does not support our military as much as he would like you to believe. 

11) We all hear stories of how the Republican party panders to big corporations for their money and how the Dems are for the poor little people. Well I don't believe this to be exactly true. Yes I admit the Republicans do get support from big corporations but the Dems have millionaires on their side too, in the form of the Hollywood elite. Now what does it say about a party that gets its major support from people who make believe for a living?